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The National Grand Lodge of Egypt
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The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Egypt is the resurrection of the National Grand Lodge of Egypt that went into darkness in 1964
This was due to political implications at the time even though the lodges were thriving. Having learnt from this lesson, SGLE is founded solely within Egypt and practices Eastern Freemasonry as was dictated by our ancestors many thousands of years ago.

SGLE practices the Ancient Egyptian Ritual which is composed of three degrees and adheres to the basic tenets and principles of Freemasonry.
SGLE is composed of only men and recognizes God as the Great Architect of the Universe. We do not subscribe to principles of Masonic politics and welcome all men who practice Freemasonry as per the basic tenets of the Craft.

The Grand Lodge is composed of three lodges, two of which practice in the Arabic language and the third which practices in the English language,
Concurrent with the Grand Lodge is the Egyptian Supreme Council of Higher Knowledge which is composed of a further ten degrees.

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stablished 1876
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